What Ho!

Celebrating Andrzej Klimowski’s book Illustrations for all 99 PG Woodhouse Novels.
In collaboration with Andrzej Klimowski and Chisato Tamabyashi, londonprintstudio, 2016

What is to Be Done?

Installation channelling Russian Revolutionary Art, londonprintstudio, 2017.
Collaboration between Lutz Becker, Andrzej Klimowski, John Phillips,

The Enchanted Page

Immersive exhibitions celebrating contemporary children’s book illustration
Series of three exhibitions 2015 – 2017 londonprintstudio and other venues
in collaboration with Nadia Yahiaoui


How and Why Artists Reproduce, londonprintstudio 2015


Wallpaper: Artists Interior Worlds, londonprintstudio, 2014, in collaboration with Nadia Yahiaoui

Groove Grove Grafiks

Inspired by West London’s spectacular contribution to pop culture
londonprintstudio, 2010, in collaboration with Jane Goodsir

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